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Start-End Months: 16-23

Package Leader: P04-Key Person 1 (Mesut Gölbaşı)

 Work Package Aims:

The objective of the work package is to organizing training activities for target groups to improve theirs’ vocational knowledge and skills in safety aspects.

Description of Activities:

Training activities will conduct in face to face for two main target groups:

T.6.1. Training activities for agricultural machinery manufacturers

T.6.2. Training activities for agricultural machinery users

OMU and Ankara University will take part in training activities besides Ministry of Agriculture Personnel Training Center. To organization of the groups and reach the pioneer farmer and manufacturer it will get help from Turkish Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Union and Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers.

Description of Outputs:

D.6.1. Training reports (23 rd month)

Okunma Sayısı : 2522 // Güncelleme Tarihi : 04.12.2009