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Start-End Months: 1-24

Package Leader: P04 (PERMEM) Key Person 1 (Mesut Gölbaşı)+P09 (TKB) Key Person 2 (Kerim Ekmekci)+P03 (ENAMA)


Work Package Aims:

The objective of the work package is to determining the training modules and producing training tools according to reports, gained experience and cooperations with other partners. ENAMA’s sectoral and professional experience has a great important to reach that aims.

Description of Activities:

T.5.1. Development of training modules for agricultural machinery manufacturer and end user.

T.5.2. Development training tools

-Written documents (slayt show, leaflet, brochure, poster etc)

-Visual and audio documents (video and tv programme).

Description of Outputs:

D.5.1. Written documents (slayt show, leaflet, brochure, poster etc)

D.5.2. Visual and audio documents (video and tv programme)

Okunma Sayısı : 2532 // Güncelleme Tarihi : 04.12.2009