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Start-End Months: 1-7

Package Leader: P00 (OMU)+P01 (CC.OO)+P02 (EED)

Work Package Aims:

The objective of the work package is to determine the safety level in agricultural mechanization in Turkey for two main sections: the agricultural machinery manufacturers and end users.

Description of Activities:

T.2.1. Preparation questionnaire

T.2.2. Interviews with target groups

To improve of safety working conditions of employees in agriculture, it is important to put the market safety machine and training the end users. For this reason target group is made up of two main sections: the agricultural machinery manufacturers and end users.

End users cover farmer, agricultural laborer, seasonal labourer, immigrant and especially women that work in agricultural sector. Also it is aimed that put out safety in agriculture clear in every aspects for determining the problems and produce solutions and training needs etc. It will take advantages of EED’s experience in this field from previous project in this workpacage. To reach these two main vocational target groups, professional associations that are Turkish Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Union and Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers will have driving role in practice.

Description of Outputs:

D.2.1. Interview’s results (7 th month)

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