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 Start-End Months: 1-24

Package Leader: P00 (OMU)

Work Package Aims:

The objective of this work package is to ensure the administrative, legal and financial management of the project.

 In order to achieve these, all project activities will be co-ordinated successfully.

Description of Activities:

T.1.1.Project monitoring, communication and Advisory Board Meetings

• Overall coordination and progress monitoring of the project

• Ensuring proper communication within the project

• Presentation of project progress to Advisory Board

• Organization of project meetings

• Monitoring progress, objectives achievements, delivery of results

T.1.2. Legal and financial management

• Overall financial monitoring and audit management

T.1.3. Reporting

• Evaluation of project

• Final report

Description of Outputs:

          D.1.1. Minutes of International Advisory Board meetings (Kick-off meeting,  every  8 months, at the end)

D.1.2. Final report (24th month)

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