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WP7 Information and dissemination

23 June 2021

Start-End Months: 1-24

Package Leader: P00 (OMU)

 Work Package Aims:

The objective of the work package is to preparation of web page; arrange one conference, publication of leaflets to disseminate the knowledge gained through the project.

Description of Activities:

To realize effective dissemination and exploitation, Turkish partner organizations that are PERMEM, TARMAKBIR, TZOB and Ankara University will take responsibility in this work package.

Planned information and dissemination activities are given below:

T.7.1. Web page set-up

Web page will be prepared in both Turkish and English. Web page of the project will be prepared within the first three months of the project calendar and will be continuously updated.

T.7.2. Workshop

A workshop will be done at the end of first year.

T.7.3. Preparation of leaflets

Preparation of leaflets: Information on safety using of agricultural machinery will be published.

            T.7.4.Organization of conference on Safety in Agriculture in Turkey

    • Organization of 2 days conference on Safety in Agriculture in Turkey at the end of the project.

Keynote speakers will be invited.

Description of Outputs:

D.7.1. Web page (3rd month)

D.7.2. Report on workshop (12th month)

D.7.3. Leaflets (22 th month)

D.7.4. Conference (23 rd month)

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