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safer // SUMMARY

23 June 2021

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors in many countries. As a rule, the safety employees and experts attach high value on two points for the purpose of safety. The first one is safe design of product/material/manufacture and the second one is safety education/training. The main aim of SAFER project is to transfer of innovative training materials from successfully completed projects and adapt them to the national and sectoral requirements and improving innovative training modules for safer working conditions of employees in agricultural sector. Target groups in SAFER project are composed of two main sections: agricultural machinery manufacturers and end users that are self employed people, professional farmers, farmers’ family member especially women, seasonal farm workers. Project partnership will initially collect, compile and analyse the training needs of stakeholders in the sector. Secondly, SAFER project partners will develop training modules and tools according to analysis result and previous experiences. Pilot training activities will organise in last step. In order to make good use of communication technology with computer, a website will be developed and thus continuity in education will be provided. These types of websites are very common most of developed countries. Furthermore, some audio visual materials and leaflets will be produced to support safety training activities. To prepare these documents and tools, previous project’ outputs will be used after adapting to national requirements by studying with experienced project partners. In this way transferred outputs will be tested on target groups with pilot studies. A workshop will be done at the end of first year and organize a conference on Safety in Agriculture in Turkey at the end of the SAFER project. While the SAFER project is going on and after finished, it is expected that level of safety knowledge, awareness and consciousness of target group will be improving. In this way it is aimed that safer working conditions will catch in agricultural areas, in rural for employees. For increasing of the impact on target group, in the SAFER project, pilot areas will be created selected employees will be educated. In the long term qualified employees will share/transfer his/her knowledge with ordinary agricultural employee and other people who work in rural. Same method will be used for the agricultural machinery manufacturers. Web page and TV programmes will support the cascade effect of SAFER project.

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